? ‡ RARE SERVICED! ‡ Yamaha P2201 2 CH 400W Power Amplifier P2200 NO METERS


Christopher’s Auctions item | shipping info | payment info | customer service policy | terms of sale Item Description PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: I AM PAYPAL VERIFIED SO YOUR TRANSACTION WILL BE SAFE. THIS AUCTION IS RESERVED FOR SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY. PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT PLAN TO PAY WITHIN 3 BUSINESS DAYS! ALSO, YOU MUST READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY AND ASK ANY QUESTIONS TO ME PRIOR TO YOUR BID. UNLESS NOTED, ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND SOLD AS-IS. YOUR BID MEANS YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THIS STATEMENT VIA THE AUCTION CONTRACT. ITEM: ‡ RARE SERVICED! ‡ Yamaha P2201 2 CH 400W Power Amplifier P2200 NO METERS WORLD SHIP! Up for auction is my ‡ RARE SERVICED! ‡ Yamaha P2201 2 CH 400W Power Amplifier P2200 NO METERS WORLD SHIP! PLEASE NOTE: Purchased this unit in late 90s and has been taken care of ever since with low hours. This unit has some slight surface scratches on front and sides (hairline). It used to be professionally serviced (basic cleaning and all capacitor testing to verify all components internally function fine – nothing replaced) and also professionally repainted as a result of slight small top scratches. I am the original owner! Kept in a climate-controlled, ventilated, and virtually dust free, media room. I go back and forth as a consultant so I have not had the opportunity to use this system. Comes from a smoke-free, professional home and will likely be packed very carefully. Please email me you probably have any questions prior to your bid. Comes with copy of the manual. Serial Number: 2811 INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS: Bid with confidence! I will be able to ship the world over BUT, alternatively, you’ll bear all responsibilities all through transport and pay shipping duties/taxes and also insurance/tracking number. You will have to arrange with me first and email me for shipping cost to your country. It is going to be packed like gold and very secured. Please provide your countries postal code and I will be able to provide you with quote. Do not bid unless you hear from me first. ALSO, YOU MUST HAVE A CONFIRMED PAYPAL ACCOUNT. The Yamaha P-2201 is similar to the P-2200 power amplifier apart from that there are no peak reading meters. Specifications Power output: 200 watts per channel into 8 (stereo), 400W into 16 (mono) Frequency response: 20Hz to 50kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.05% Damping factor: 300 Input sensitivity: 1.23V Signal to noise ratio: 110dB Dimensions: 480 x 176 x 330mm Weight: 19kg PLEASE SEE MY OTHER AUCTIONS FOR GREAT DEALS ON VINTAGE ELECTRONIC PIECES 2A-100 AST-A10 AST-P2602 AV-34 AV-65 AV-66 YST AV-70 AV-75 Pro AV-80Y AVC-30 AVC-50 AVX-100 AVX-20 AVX-500 AVX-700 AX-2000 AX-V1065 AX-V465 AX-V565 AX-V765 B-1 B-2 B-2X B-3 B-5 B-6 BX-1 C160 C320 C450 CP2000 DSP-A1 DSP-A1000 DSP-A1092 DSP-A2 DSP-A2070 DSP-A270 DSP-A3090 DSP-A492 DSP-A5 DSP-A590 DSP-A592 DSP-A595 DSP-A595A DSP-A700 DSP-A780 DSP-A970 DSP-AX1 DSP-AX1300 DSP-AX1400 DSP-AX1500 DSP-AX1600 DSP-AX1700 DSP-AX1800 DSP-AX1900 DSP-AX2 DSP-AX2300 DSP-AX2400 DSP-AX2500 DSP-AX2600 DSP-AX2700 DSP-AX3200 DSP-AX340 DSP-AX361 DSP-AX3800 DSP-AX3900 DSP-AX430 DSP-AX440 DSP-AX450 DSP-AX457 DSP-AX459 DSP-AX463 DSP-AX530 DSP-AX540 DSP-AX557 DSP-AX559 DSP-AX563 DSP-AX620 DSP-AX630 DSP-AX640 DSP-AX740 DSP-AX750 DSP-AX757 DSP-AX759 DSP-AX761 DSP-AX763 DSP-AX861 DSP-AX863 DSP-AZ1 DSP-AZ2 DSP-E492 DSP-N600 DSP-Z11 DSP-Z7 DSP-Z9 H3000 H5000 H7000 IPA8200 M-2 M-35 M-4 M-40 M-45 M-50 M-60 M-65 M-70 M-80 M-85 MX-1 MX-1000 MX-10000 MX-2 MX-2000 MX-460 MX-50 MX-600 MX-630 MX-70 MX-800 MX-830 MX-A5000 MX-D1 P1000S P1150 P1250 P1500 P1600 P2040 P2100 P2150 P2200 P2201 P2250 P2350 P2500 P2500S P2700 P3200 P3500 P3500S P4500 P5000S P7000S PC1002 PC1602 PC2001N PC2002 PC2002M PC2602 PC2602M PC3301N PC3500 PC4800N PC4801N PC5002M PC5500 PC6501N PC7500 PC9500N PC9501N T3n T4n T5n XH200 XM4080 XM4180 XMV8140 XMV8280 XP-1000 XP-2500 XP-3500 XP-5000 XP-7000 XS250 XS350 Shipping Information Please note, shipping costs will likely be relatively more for AK and HI and/or other US territories. I provide buyers with the most reasonably priced shipping and handling rates the usage of USPS Priority, USPS Parcel Post, Fed Ex Ground or UPS Ground. For bigger items, I will be able to quote shipping in line with cheapest method. International shipping is ok; alternatively, buyer will pay higher international shipping fees. I will be able to ship items overnight, but it will have to be prearranged with me and shipping costs will likely be adjusted accordingly. Insurance and/or tracking number will have to be requested unless another way noted. Payment Information Accepted type of payment: Paypal (preferred), Other – please contact me for options. Customer Service Policy Payment made by way of Paypal.com ships within 48 hours. Insurance and Delivery Receipt extra and ON REQUEST OF BUYER. Payment sent by way of US Mail will have to be received in 7 business days. I will be able to ship and pack with care and in keeping with the nature of each and every item. Items lost or damage is also entitled to insurance claim by way of shipping carrier only — NOT by way of cjbrase (seller) Please note that each one electronics have a security seal to prevent from internal tampering. Once tampered with, all expressed warranties in any stated are no longer valid and will likely be strictly enforced. Terms of Sale *** IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY *** ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD “AS IS.” NO WARRANTIES. IT IS UP TO YOU, THE BUYER, TO FULLY EVALUATE THIS ITEM BASED ON YOUR PERSONAL STANDARDS PRIOR TO YOUR BID. YOU MUST ALSO ASK KEY SPECIFIC QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BIDDING IF YOU ARE UNCERTAIN OR NEED MORE INFORMATION ON AN ITEM. I WILL ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY. I DISCLOSE THE BEST INFORMATION ON THE ITEM (ALBEIT MY PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE) REGARDLESS OF OVERALL CONDITION UPON BUYERS RECEIPT OF ITEMS. I DO NOT CLAIM TO BE AN EXPERT OF KNOWLEDGE ON ANY GIVEN ITEM BUT SELLING ON BEHALF OF MYSELF OR OTHERS. NEGATIVE FEEDBACK WILL BE POSTED IF YOU DO NOT HONOR BID. REMEMBER: Buyer assumes ALL responsibility upon shipment. Be sure to try my other auctions by clicking at the logo below! Click on a picture to see a larger size © Copyright 2017 cjbrase. All Rights Reserved.


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