(2) Bortec Lab LA6512 12Kw Professional Line Array BONUS FP20000Q POWER AMP


**SPECIAL** Buy a Pair and Get a Free FP20000Q 20kw Touring Amplifier ** Introducing the Bortec Lab LA6512 Line Array. This thirty pound array is composed of six 1000w top BL long throw five inch drivers and twelve 500w Neodome tweeters. This compact system is in a position to producing over 140db of audio in a 170° horizontal pattern. It has a flat frequency response of 190hz to 22khz plus or minus 1.5 db. No horn distortion, harshness or beaminess. It has matched node technology which permits for an unequalled flippantly distributed polar pattern. All 18 drivers couple in a conical wave and the output most effective diminishes about -2db each and every time the listening distance doubles. Traditional speakers diminish -10db. After I first used these my ears were puzzled. I used to be use to notching distortion from my system. With these, I hear new things within the music that I’ve been paying attention to for many years. The sound does now not resemble a PA System. It sounds like the most efficient studio monitors you may have ever heard with greater dynamics. Best for venues as much as 20,000 squareft or cover a football field with a couple. Add flying hardware and that is the very best answer for sound companies. Get rid of the entire extra expense, labor and time of moving a couple of huge boxes. This listing is for (2) LA6512’s. Please test our other listings for more prime quality audio products. SpecsMidrange Impedance: 6 ohms Power: 6000w programSensitivity: 106dbHigh Frequency Impedance: 6 ohms Power: 6000w programSensitivity: 106dbWeight: 36 lbsDimensions: 10.5 X 7.5 X 29.5 inches Track Page Views WithAuctiva’s FREE Counter


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