Behringer XR18 mint 18-Input Digital Mixer Wi-Fi X-Air series Rack-mountable


Press to translate Listing Translator by Hindi Portuguese Thai Korean French Chinese Spanish Arabic Japanese German Russian Italian Behringer XR18 Behringer XR18 XAIR Digital Mixer The XR18 is a powerhouse 18 input/12 bus portable mixer housed in an extremely sturdy stage box design to be used with iPad and Android tablets. It is ideally suited for both live and studio applications, thanks to its 16 award-winning MIDAS-designed mic preamps, convenient integrated WiFi module for wireless Keep watch over – and a lightning-fast, bidirectional USB Audio Interface. Built-In Tri-Mode Wifi RouterDesigned for the ultimate in mobility, the XR18 comes with an integrated Wifi module for direct Keep watch over of your mixer’s functions – without the wish to set up and configure an external router. The XR18 will give you the freedom to concentrate on your mix, whilst allowing you to move about the venue to experience what every a part of the audience is hearing. Plus you’ll be able to adjust live monitor wedges from the artist’s perspective – or better yet, let them mix their own IEMs and floor monitors via their own tablets. Recording SimplifiedThe incredibly fast and comprehensive 18 x 18 channel, bi-directional USB interface makes the XR18 an amazingly powerful digital mixing solution for recording directly to your iPad or PC. Dial in the easiest monitoring mix with effects and zero-latency, whilst sending up to 16 microphone signals – and the keyboard player’s MIDI notes to your DAW for recording. Revolutionary Auto-MixingWhen your application calls for a a couple of-microphone setup, such as an onstage panel discussion, press conference or courtroom proceeding, and so on., it can turn into a challenge to deal with such a lot of open mics – and preserve maximum gain and priority for the moderator. The X AIR Gain Sharing technology can easily manage fully automated mixes with up to 16 live microphones. 4 Onboard X32 Effects EnginesEquipped with the exact same FX engines as the X32 Digital Mixing Console, the onboard virtual FX Rack provides access to four true-stereo (8 mono), multi-effects processors including delay, chorus, dynamics – plus the XR18 can run production-quality, true-stereo reverbs at the same time as with 31-band EQ on the main and aux buses, all without the need for any additional hardware. Custom-designed, and physically modeled after one of the vital most iconic and sought- after processors, all effects run inside the low-latency environment of the X18 mix engine, ensuring flawless performance, flexible routing and the end of cable faults eternally! 100-Band RTA for all Channel/Bus EQsThe XR18 includes a high-resolution 100-band Real Time Analyzer (RTA), with full Bar and Spectrograph views. This high-resolution RTA displays the audio energy distribution in 100 frequency bands through the years – capturing a sonogram window of a full 10 seconds. Switch between the Large RTA view, displaying any to be had signal in full screen resolution, or the Combined RTA view shown above each of the channel and bus EQ curves – and see the result of your filtering choices. Additionally, the RTA can also be displayed on top of the 31-band graphic EQs in the Main LR or Aux buses. Monitoring and controlling frequencies has never been easier! 16 Channels of Personal MonitoringThe easy way to send sound, ULTRANET connectivity lets you send 16 digital sources over a lightweight and easy-to-deploy Cat 5 cable to P16-D Digital ULTRANET Distributors, or directly to P16-M Personal Monitor Mixers. This powerful and advanced technology makes it easy for individual performers to create their own “more me” mix – and frees you up to put on your best show. Uncompromised Channel ProcessingThe XR18 lets you achieve the same implausible level of EQ finesse as the award-winning X32 thanks to its 100-band Real Time Analyzer, which is built into every input channel and bus EQ. Visual feedback built into the Keep watch over app lets you see and make fast, surgical adjustments to frequencies in need of a boost or a cut. Every input channel also features Low-Cut, 4-band fully parametric EQ and the same Gate and Compressor dynamics suite found in the X32 – with one very special addition; you’ll be able to select either Expert or Simple functionality. In Expert mode, you’ll be able to drill down and get your hands on every nuance of your dynamics. Or, if you are more of the ‘plug and play’ type, Simple mode means that you can either make a selection from one of our 4 carefully-optimized presets – or load your own channel templates. Add to this 5-Bit, floating-point DSP and you’ll be able to experience virtually “unlimited” dynamic range with no internal overload and near-zero overall latency. MIDI In/Out for Live Performance ControllersThe physical MIDI I/O port on the XR18 mixer will also be used for connecting external MIDI controllers, such as our X-TOUCH or B-CONTROL products, for dynamically controlling channel level, muting and panorama adjustments right through your performance. And since the full-featured XR18 also supports the Mackie Keep watch over protocol, you easily apply comprehensive remote editing and parameter adjustments via any compatible MIDI devices. Features:- iPad/Android tablet controlled 18-input digital mixer for studio and live application- 16 award-winning MIDAS-designed, fully programmable mic preamps for audiophile sound quality- Integrated WiFi module for direct Keep watch over-no need for external routers- 18 x 18 channel, bidirectional USB interface for direct recording on iPad and so on.- Revolutionary Dugan Auto-Mixing automatically manages microphone gain sharing (future firmware)- Award-winning X32 effects rack featuring 4 stereo FX slots including high-end simulations such as Lexicon 480L and PCM70, EMT250 and Quantec QRS and so on.- 100-band Real Time Analyzer (RTA) for all channel and bus EQ’s- ULTRANET connectivity for BEHRINGER’s P-16 Personal Monitoring System- Rack ears and protection bumpers included for flexible rack and onstage applications- 6 aux and main LR buses with inserts, full dynamics processing and 6-band parametric or 31-band graphic EQ- 6 XLR aux outputs and 2 XLR main outputs plus phones connector- 40-Bit floating-point DSP features “unlimited” dynamic range with no internal overload and near-zero overall latency- MIDI In/Out allows controlling the mixer via MIDI equipment (incl. Mackie Keep watch over protocol) or to be used as a USB MIDI interface- Internal switch-mode power supply for noise-free audio and low power consumption Shipping Weight: 9 lbsShipping Dimensions: 15 x 9 x 8 inOn May-08-16 at 11:06:19 PDT, seller added the following information: Add a map to your own listings. FREE Trial !


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