ALL SALES ARE FINAL! NO RETURNS, EXCHANGES, OR WARRANTIES BRAND NEW UNIT!Simplicity In Operation Ease of operation is incredibly necessary. The C Series consoles are designed with the operator in mind. The whole thing is logically arranged. Simply plug-in the channels, adjust the monitor levels and bring up the principle L/R faders and you’re up and running. If you need EQ (tone changes), simply dial in the sound you need. The C Series is designed on a small-scale platform making it easy to transport. No other console offers more channels per linear inch. USB Recording USB connectivity allows for ease of recording the usage of a single cable to record your L/R stereo mix direct to your computer. The digital interface offers you the very best quality audio output for recording. You’ll send audio from your computer into the console by way of USB. Set-up playlists on your computer for hours of automated playback through your sound system. Onboard Wireless Capability The exclusive optional True Diversity USM16 built-in wireless systems allow the C1648P to have up to 2 wireless units, whether it be mic or belt-pack systems. The good thing about adding these options now or later is that the operator gets rid of cable clutter and simplifies setup. The wireless units are mechanically routed to channel 1 & 2 at the console plus the internal power supply and the rear antennas. Each and every system is attached with a simple plug-in connector. Quality Regulate Our Quality Regulate Department individually inspects each mixing console. After the physical inspection, the most critical and most necessary a part of QC testing is running each channel, master section and connector through Audio Precision™ computers to ensure each function. This means The whole thing meets 100% of its specifications. That is great assurance that each EQ section, each output delivers the highest voltages with the lowest conceivable THD. The below chart shows that the THD is in truth .002% which is about 5 times not up to our stated THD of .01%. Construction The engineering and design is what you’d expect from Carvin’s high-end manufacturing. Ultra low-noise, high slew rate IC’s for exceptional sound. Sealed controls and switches guard against the elements whilst the “SMT” Surface Mount Technology construction ensures the integrity of Each and every component. The C1648P is made in america at our San Diego, CA facility. Really useful Applications Touring – Theatres – Houses of Worship – Music Venues – Musicians & Bands – Recording & Mixing Key FeaturesMASTER – 4 Sub Groups + L/R – Center/Sub output – 4 Buses Compressors – “Link” switches for compressors – 2 processors – 256 effects Each and every – Effects to monitors – 2 9 band L/R-Moinitor EQ’s – 2 USB power ports – USB L/R recording output – USB L/R PC input – Rear slots for wireless options (up to 4 mics or beltpacks) – Ultra low THD – lower than .01%- 6 monitor sends, 2 effects sends – 4 band channel EQ with dual mid-sweep parametrics – Output Mode: 95% Efficient Class D – Protection Circuits: Soft Start, Short Circuit, No Load, SpeakerGuard™, Thermal Shut-Off, Give protection to and Clip Indicators, Amp Peak Limiters – Two 5V USB power ports – 4 bus compressor with link switches – Freq. response: +0 / -3 dB 20 Hz – 20 kHz – E I N: -117 dBm – S/N Ratio 90 dB – Dynamic Range: 104 dB – Mic Gain: 52 dB – Line Gain: 30 dB – Total Gain: 72 dB (balanced) – Max Output: +28 dBm AC Input: 120VAC 60HZ CHANNEL – 4 Buses + L/R – 4 Band EQ w dual Mid sweeps – High pass filter – 6 Ch Monitor Sends – 2 Ch Effects Sends – Ch mute/Peak indicator – Adjustable Gain attenuator


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