“Duet” Double Jews Harp – Two Notes in One Place – Very Unusual Jaw Harp Sound


Jews Harp with two reeds, tuned to different keys, giving common musical intervals – m2/M2/m3/M3/P4/P5. Very extraordinary sound produced as a result of combining two shifted natural harmonic scale, playing both reeds at once, especially making an allowance for specific timbre of Glazyrin’s jews harps. Separate strokes are imaginable too, but not very handy. Your browser does not fortify the audio element. –> Jew’s Harp Jew’s harp is likely one of the oldest musical instruments on the earth with pocket size. Its rhythmic possibilities are endless and ability to change timbre in extreme, extraordinary ways are spectacular. Pure melodic playing with distinct overtones is imaginable too. It is easy to play and does not require musical training. To produce first sound, two frame ends should be hardly pressed to upper and lower teeth – to not lips – with left hand. Right index finger will be stroke reed elbow at direction, perpendicular to frame plane, inward and outward. The frame should not be squeezed with lips, teeth and hand! Jaw harp, juice harp, mouth harp, ozark harp, trump, jew’s trump are obsolete or flawed names of the jew’s harp. This name has nothing common with the Jewish people. Other names for jew’s harp in more than a few regions of the world are: vargan, khomus, guimbarde, maultrommel, munnharpe, kubyz, dan moi, mondharp, temir-komuz, morsing, morchang, doromb, parmupill. More than 1000 names are known. –> Seller Oberton Pro is a unique specialized jew’s harp centre, situated in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It’s not just a store and includes school, museum, workshop, audio/video studio and club/small concert venue – all of this about jew’s harps only. Our main goals are development of culture of jew’s harp musical playing and providing information about this instrument and its usage. Direct connections with hundreds of craftsmans from a whole world are established. We are players and we would like you to play too. Guests from many countries visits our centre once a year, you are welcome! –> Consultations and advises concerning playing techniques, instrument choice and maintenance are at all times to be had – ask you questions freely. Shipping Time International shipping time from Russia depends on destination and post load; frequently it takes 7-15 days, but in very rare cases delays happens up to 30-40 days, be patient. We ships as soon as imaginable and take all responsibility for the parcel until you hold it in hands. Please note, that after shipping the sender can not regulate transportation process – it is postal service work. If some problem occurs, please contact us first, do not open ebay case. Tracking number included with all parcels; it is traceable 1) until border crossing in Russian Post site (www.pochta.ru) and 2) after – by your local post workplace site, if such exists. Shipping Safety Every instrument checked by professional before packaging. We make custom wood block for the instruments without special case – it gives good protection against dropping, stepping and even jumping on package. You’ll use it all time later too. Moreover, block with jew’s harp is wrapped with soft pack material and taped – You’ll need a scissors to take away it. Defects We ensure that shipped instrument will be free of any defects and will play as intended by its maker. But any good instruments requires proper handling – many owners of souvenir toys having a look like jew’s harp, with huge gaps and primitive sound, are used to squeeze it hardly with hand, teeth or lips. These toys even plays louder when squeezed – and such habit arises unconsciously. If your new, real jew’s harp produces metallic clangs: 1) dispose of lips from the frame; 2) reduce force of pressing it to teeth; 3) do not squeeze frame in vertical direction with fingers; 4) strike with 90 degree direction to the frame plane – without up, down, left or right offset. For more detailed guideline, refer to How to hold jew’s harp properly guide (www.oberton.pro/info/handling/?lang=en). But if you just don’t like item received without any reason – we will be able to make refund or replacement (with the exception of shipping cost). Our policy: Every jew’s harp sold should play, not gather dust on the shelf! Regularly Asked Questions (FAQ) You’ll find huge amount of useful information about jew’s harps ans store workflow in our FAQ Page (https://www.oberton.pro/info/faq.htm?lang=en).


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