Fender Squier Venus Anniversary 1996 MIJ Guitar


Fender Squier Venus Anniversary 1996 MIJ GuitarYou know what you like and that is a type of stuff you just can not deny. What a ravishing instrument and, it is in great condition! In 1996 Squier introduced the Vista Series, which unlike previous Squiers, weren’t created as budget guitars and were in large part original designs. Three Vista models were produced; the Jagmaster, the Super Sonic, and the Venus six- and 12-string guitars.Squier Venus Six- and 12-string GuitarsThe Venus was once designed as a quasi-signature model for Courtney Love, then the rhythm guitarist within the band Hole. The shape and configuration of the guitar was once in accordance with a personal instrument of Love’s, a “Mercury” model created by Atlanta, Georgia-based luthiers Danny Babbitt and Tim George. Even supposing visually very similar to the Mercury, the Venus was once significantly different in construction, having a bolt on neck and the usual Fender six-in-line tuning machines versus the Mercury’s set-neck construction with three-a-side tuners. Notably, the Venus has a rounded headstock very an identical in shape to that used on Fender’s acoustic guitars and Coronado electrics of the 1960s and early 1970s. The Venus was once also to be had in a 12-string version, which employed bifurcated pickups very similar to those used on the Fender Electric twelve string model of the 1960s.Please consider, we on a regular basis only LIGHTLY clean vintage items and leave thorough cleaning as much as the professionals!As at all times PLEASE FULL VIEW ALL PHOTOSFREE LOCAL PICK UPLook closely at photos, what you see is what you get ! ENJOY ! From Janet on the Rantoul Pawn Shop to you !WE ACCEPT PAYPAL AND DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE THE United States Insurance is at all times an option here, contact us for more information With regards to antiques / collectibles we leave special cleaning to the professionals. Contacting this seller with questions in the case of accessories and or embellishments to our listings is encouraged. Please take a look at our other auctions or discuss with our store !Happy Bidding !WE DO NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY PSSST……Do not be afraid to make an offer!


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