Focusrite liquid mix 32 — excellent condition


FOCSURITE LIQUID MIX: Sounds in point of fact amazing and doesn’t tax your host computer’s processing power. Pictures show actual unit Fire wire interfaceComes with firewire cable and 12 volt power adapterSoftware models and software downloadable from Novation website.If you win the auction, please DO NOT PAY until I have contacted you. Don’t pay attention to shipping charges in listing. Shipping charges and insurance for purchase price will be estimated based on buyers shipping preference and sent once auction is complete. MUSICRADAR REVIEW:Compression and EQ, these are 60 convolution-based recreations of one of the vital finest outboard units in recording history. ChannelsInstallation is a breeze – you simply install the software and plug the Liquid Mix into a spare FireWire port. To use it on a track, you just have to choose it from your plug-ins folder.Liquid Mix supports up to 32 mono channels (16 stereo channels) and enables you to use one compressor and one EQ per channel, so the maximum plug-in count is 64. It will have to be pointed out that this is at 44.1/48kHz – as you push the resolution up, track counts drop (You’ll be able to use eight mono at 96kHz and two mono at 192kHz).A forthcoming expansion card will increase the plug-in count at higher resolutions, though it won’t increase the maximum number of addressable channels.Just to be sure that Focusrite don’t seem to be trying to kid users with their specifications we loaded up one of the vital compressors and placed them over a couple of tracks – and the Liquid Mix in point of fact can maintain as many channels as it’s supposed to and You’ll be able to indeed apply compression and EQ to them all.One of the most major problems with the UAD-1 and PowerCore products has at all times been their latency – this can make live playing of synth patches unimaginable when you have one of their plug-ins inserted into the same track.Liquid Mix does have some latency (with some presets adding a little more than others), but it’s not as noticeable as on some similar devices, and You’ll be able to happily play patterns and riffs over your project with it engaged.DisplayOf course, another limitation of the PowerCore and the UAD-1 – and also of SSL’s Duende, in reality – is that none of them offers any knobs to play with. You’ll be able to tweak their plug-ins the usage of your favourite hardware controller, but with Liquid Mix, you have all of the controls you wish to have right out of the box.What’s more, they’re incredibly clear and well-presented; as well as a panel of knobs, you get dedicated buttons and even an LCD display.The software GUI is where you’ll be able to find the real detail: the compression is on the left and the EQ on the right (the signal glide can be reversed at the push of a button).There’s only one potential point of confusion: despite the fact that all of the emulations use the same interface, one of the vital parameters don’t seem to be available on certain emulations because they don’t seem to be available on the original hardware either. On the other hand, You’ll be able to disable the strict emulation mode and bring additional parameters into action, albeit at the expense of authenticityEach EQ instance can use up to seven bands, and You’ll be able to even construct your own ‘hybrid EQ’ configurations by mixing and matching bands from different emulation models. If you’ve fallen for the bottom-end of one model and the upper ranges of another, You’ll be able to marry them at the side of your own hybrid configuration.UnrivalledBut what of the most important feature of the Liquid Mix – its sound? Well, to say it’s sublime is no overstatement.In an era when most new music production enthusiasts haven’t even seen any outboard hardware, it doesn’t mean much to compare these emulations to the originals, but rest assured that the gear that inspired these models is legendary.In turn, the Liquid Mix offers a depth, warmth and level of character that’s unrivalled in all but the finest and most expensive plug-ins. These don’t seem to be the type of workhorse compressors and EQs that you strap over every channel – they’re the ones you reach for to give your signals that special something, or to add a touch of professional class.To get the most from them, it is going to probably help to research what gear the pros use in the top studios, as the best hardware products have a tendency to be associated with a specific task or a characteristic sound.So, will have to you shell out for a Liquid Mix? Is it worth it ‘just’ for EQ and compression? There are other excellent emulations available in the market – with the UAD-1, you even get recreations of the original interfaces – but when you believe its moderately low price and the sheer number of models it offers, Focusrite’s box is utterly compelling.


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