IEPS PC1500 1500W Power Conditioner for Metrology and Audiophile


IEPS Electronics Inc. used vintage AC power conditioner for safe metrology environments and audiophile applications. Filter power line noise on 4 separate output retailers. Model: PC1500Serial: 37001203Part number: 91003600Input voltage: 90-132 VACInput current: 12AOutput voltage: 120 ± five% VACOutput current: 12AFuses (2 channel): 15A/600V Wikipedia: An influence conditioner (sometimes called a line conditioner or power line conditioner) is a tool supposed to make stronger the standard of the facility that may be brought to electric load apparatus. At the same time as there’s no official definition of An influence conditioner, the term so much continuously refers to a tool that acts in a number of how you can deliver a voltage of the right kind level and characteristics to enable load apparatus to serve as correctly. In a few uses, power conditioner refers to a voltage regulator with a minimum of one different serve as to make stronger power quality (e.g. power issue correction, noise suppression, temporary impulse protection, and the like.)


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