IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors w/bluetooth and DSP Retail Box


Ultra-compact, top quality studio monitors. Linear frequency response. Zero coloration. Transparency. Headroom. To hear the truth, you wish to have reference speakers that allows you to deliver. And in case you work in a home or small studio you’ve even greater challenges, from the loss of space to your desk to the “lower than ideal” position of your audio workstation, generally placed against a wall. Now, with iLoud Micro Monitor, you’ll be able to hear the truth on your music anytime and all over the place. Some of the smallest active studio reference monitoring systems on this planet, iLoud Micro Monitors provides you with ultra-accurate true linear frequency response and not using a coloration, and accomplish that in each and every listening environment, especially in home and project studios. iLoud Micro Monitors are two extremely portable, high-performance bi-amped speakers that deliver a combined 50W RMS of power for solid bass, a number of headroom and a stunningly defined stereo image. Whether you’re recording, editing, mixing or mastering audio, editing video, sound designing or gaming, iLoud Micro Monitor be certain your production will translate well to the huge variety of consumer devices — headphones, home stereo systems, gaming consoles, car audio systems, TVs, and other listening systems. Every tweeter and woofer is powered by ultra-efficientclass D power amplifiers that push a total of 50W RMS with amazing low-end response down to 55Hz (-3dB) — the most efficient bass response in its category. Every monitor sports a 3/4” silk dome tweeter, a 3” high-rigidity custom composite material wooferand a big-flaring front-firing bass reflex port. Thanks to these features, it’s ready to deliver smooth and extended high frequencies, an exceptionally open, focused midrange and a solid, controlled low end. Simply put, iLoud Micro Monitors sound is so good that it’s nearly unimaginable for a speaker system of this size and at this price point. With iLoud Micro Monitor, you’ll hear the truth on your music no matter whether you’re mixing on your bedroom, mastering in a small studio or just taking note of your favorite tunes at home. And best of all, offers high-end features that may be found only in monitors in big budget studios, but without the high-end price tag. FEATURES Advanced digital regulate with 56-bit DSP, controlled diffraction Low resonance enclosure and time-aligned crossover Powerful Class D bi-amplification system (50W RMS) High-rigidity custom composite material woofer plus large flare bass reflex port High-quality woofer and tweeter Some of the smallest reference quality studio monitor systems Fits anywhere — provides high-definition monitoring in the tightest spaces Close placement to reduce the effects of room reflections and standing waves The first monitor system you’ll be able to easily carry with you anywhere you go Flexible placement and connections Desktop or monitor stand placement with selectable EQ correction Mounts on regular mic stands for free-field positioning without having for additional accessories Wired connection with 1/8” stereo mini-jack and RCA inputs for recording, mixing and mastering Wireless Bluetooth connection for taking note of your music anywhere .


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