IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Stage-Brand New- Free Ernie Ball Earthwood Strings


Same Day shipping: Up to Noon EST . I have taken trips as late as 5:30 EST. If you place your order after the cut-off, be sure to message me that you would still like to see it go out today. FREE: One Set Of Ernie Ball EarthWood Light Gauge 2004 (11 15 22 30 42 52) Your Acoustic’s true tone, anywhere. The advanced digital microphone system for acoustic guitar iRig Acoustic Stage is the new hi-tech solution for as it should be reproducting the full sound of acoustic guitars and other instruments with studio-quality sound survive stage and in the studio. The combination of its advanced MEMS microphone and hi-quality preamp and DSP processing unit provides — for the first time ever — a break-through solution that offers hi-quality natural sound, advanced features, ease of installation and a convenience never seen before. Until now, getting your acoustic to sound adore it does in the studio when playing on stage has been a difficult, if not inconceivable, task. Playing an acoustic on stage typically falls into two scenarios: the use of the onboard piezo or magnetic pickup system to project a fractional representation of your acoustic’s natural warm tone, or sitting stationary on stage with microphones in “the sweet spot” on your acoustic, dramatically limiting your ability to move. With iRig Acoustic Stage, you no longer have to sacrifice great acoustic tone when playing live. iRig Acoustic Stage gives you the best of both worlds — the beautiful, rich sound of your acoustic guitar as if it were mic’d up in the studio AND the freedom to move around without compromising your sound. Sound inconceivable? Read on… iRig Acoustic Stage is a patented, revolutionary digital microphone system that makes your guitar sound exactly as if it was captured with a classic recording studio setup, giving you full rich studio-quality sound on the stage. It’s a compact acoustic microphone and advanced digital preamplifier and processing unit that recreates a studio microphone set-up providing you with all of the true character and tonal nuance of your acoustic in live playing situations. Simply clip the iRig Acoustic Stage’s microphone to the sound hole, attach it to the iRig Acoustic Stage pre-amplifier processor, then connect the preamp to your amplifier or mixer. iRig Acoustic Stage also features a “Cancel Feedback” button that gets rids of annoying frequency feedback all the way through performance. Once installed and active, you’ll immediately hear what you’ve been missing with your traditional live setup as your acoustic tone comes alive with vibrance, warmth, depth and earthy, woody tone. If you currently perform with an acoustic-electric, iRig Acoustic Stage can greatly support your guitar’s live tone. iRig Acoustic Stage features an AUX input with a blend regulate that allows you to blend your guitar’s current pickup system with iRig Acoustic Stage giving you even greater tonal flexibility and a roundness to your sound like you’ve never heard before. Built for the Stage and Project/Home Studio iRig Acoustic Stage provides an enhanced acoustic sound that’s perfect for live performance and recording. Getting that “studio” sound in project or home studios with your acoustic is now easier than ever. If you have an audio interface, simply plug iRig Acoustic Stage into the analog input. No interface? No problem! iRig Acoustic Stage also features an integrated class-compliant USB audio output for direct connection to your computer or compatible device. Not only will you get that unbelievable sound, but you’ll be able to also move around freely allowing you to get into the groove and capture your best acoustic performance in your studio. How does it work? iRig Acoustic Stage uses a patented system composed by an hi-tech MEMS microphone and a preamplifier / processor that includes an advanced digital signal processing component performing multiple functions, from instrument calibration to EQ, to feedback cancel. The microphone that clips on to the soundhole of the guitar and captures all of the “air”, harmonics and sonic nuances of your instrument and playing style that is simply missed with traditional piezo and magnetic pickups. The synergy between the microphone and the 32-bit DSP-based preamp system provides amazingly rich, full-spectrum acoustic sound on stage like never before. MEMS Microphone iRig Acoustic Stage uses an ultra-compact MEMS microphone to capture your acoustic’s sound from the soundhole. It may be quickly slid into place in the soundhole of the instrument and easily removed with zero modification to the instrument required. This permits you to use iRig Acoustic Stage on all of your acoustic steel string guitars, classical nylon strings guitars and even ukuleles or other stringed instruments with a soundhole. Acoustic Preamp / Built-in DSP The magic of iRig Acoustic Stage comes from the combination between the microphone, the preamp and the signal processing unit. iRig Acoustic Stage analyzes the incoming signal from your guitar — both the overall sound and nuance of the instrument AND the playing technique — and builds the optimum tone profile for the instrument that delivers a warm, round and balanced acoustic sound. The tone profile can then be enhanced through using 6 selectable tone presets, depending upon the playing situation. iRig Acoustic Stage gives you 3 presets for steel string instruments — natural, warm, bright — and the same 3 optimized for nylon string instruments. The iRig Acoustic Stage processor features high-resolution, 32-bit A/D and D/A audio conversion that as it should be reproduces the full range nuance, character and acoustic tonal quality of your guitar — you’ll clearly hear the tones that made you choose that guitar in the first place! Now you’ll be able to get that sound in every single place you play. Custom Calibration Out of the box, iRig Acoustic Stage is factory calibrated to sound great with most guitars. Alternatively, you’ll be able to also customize the setup and calibrate iRig Acoustic Stage to optimize the overall response of the DSP specifically for your instrument, making the tone even more authentic and perfect for your guitar. The Custom Calibration feature takes only a few minutes and further refines your tone and responds more as it should be to your playing style. Perfect for Acoustic-Electrics iRig Acoustic Stage also features an AUX input with a volume (MIX) regulate. This input is designed for use with your acoustic electric’s onboard piezo or magnetic pickup. In unusually loud stage situations, the AUX input allows you to utilize iRig Acoustic Stage in combination with a piezo pickup system and blend in just the right amount of microphone signal even as avoiding uncontrollable harsh feedback that can Occasionally occur, even with the Cancel Feedback option active. There’s also a phase inversion switch that allows you to swap the phase of the microphone/AUX signal to prevent cancellation and provide the best conceivable sound. Cancel Feedback We’ve all been there and experienced the terror of an acoustic on the verge of feeding back and the panic of what to do next to prevent it. Quick, back down the volume… move to the right away from the speaker… get on your left toes and face the sun… whatever it takes! Playing an acoustic on stage in a live setting will almost all the time generate some type of acoustic feedback on stage. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Thankfully we’ve got you covered with the Cancel Feedback button — a handy “easy to reach” button on the side of the preamp/DSP unit that with the press of an oversize button quickly eliminates the offending frequency from the live sound. The Cancel Feedback feature is active for both the iRig Acoustic Stage MEMS microphone input as well as the AUX input to give you perfect acoustic sound in any setting. USB Digital Recording Output iRig Acoustic Stage also features a class-compliant USB audio output making it perfect for direct connection to a pc or a mobile device for plug-and-play recording in any compatible DAW or recording app. Your acoustic’s true tone, anywhere. With iRig Acoustic Stage on your favorite acoustic, you’ll in spite of everything have that warm, brilliant and full bodied acoustic sound even as playing survive stage or recording in your studio, so you’ll sound and play your absolute best. The hi-tech solution for acoustic sound reproduction There are lots of ways of reproducing your acoustic guitars’ sound, but so far none of them can combine the quality of a studio microphone with the convenience of a built-in pick up. iRig Acoustic Stage addresses this limitation with a breakthrough, advanced product with never-before seen features, with a price comparable with the most affordable solutions on the market. Read below the differences between all of the current systems and why iRig Acoustic Stage beats them all. Pro Cons Under-saddle Piezo pickups Tight and controlled sound High Feedback resistance Typically unnatural and NON-acoustic sound Should be installed in permanent and invasive way External Condenser Microphones Top of the range acoustic sound Very sensitive to feedback Requires expensive tools to achieve best performance (Top of the range microphones, Top of the range preamps) Restricts the player to a particular playing position Internal hybrid systems (Piezo/Mic) Versatile sound Approximate acoustic sound when only mic is used Expensive Normally even the mic sound, being internal, does not offer a totally pure acoustic tone Feedback sensitive (especially on low frequencies) when high % of mic signal is used in the mix Permanent installation Magnetic sound hole pickups Solid sound High feedback resistance Some models are low-priced Typically unnatural and electric-like sound Aesthetically invasive Contact piezo sensors Normally cheap Can be non-invasive on the instrument Can have an approximate acoustic tone Weak signal, normally high impedance output Dark and closed tone High feedback sensitivity Mechanically weak Internal microphones Good / average mic acoustic sound but can be boomy High feedback sensitivity Occasionally boxy sound as a result of internal mic positioning Fixed installation iRig Acoustic Stage Top of the range true-acoustic tone Costs similar to entry level magnetic sound hole pickups Feedback reduction regulate AUX input to blend existing onboard piezo or other pickups Installs in seconds without any modification to the instrument USB digital recording output Features Advanced MEMS microphone clips on to sound hole Preamp/DSP unit Dramatically improves your live acoustic sound 1/4″ AUX input with volume for piezo, magnetic pickups or other onboard electronics 1/4″ Output with level regulate for amplifier or PA system USB audio out for recording on a pc or mobile device Cancel Feedback with multiple frequency feedback cancelling 6 tone presets Personal instrument calibration Works on any acoustic, acoustic electric or ukulele with round sound hole Phase switch for optimizing dual source sound Returns (applies to New or Refurbished products): are only accepted when the item arrives not as described in the listing. Please notify us of misrepresented item within 14 days of delivery via email only. At the time I receive ALL original items and packaging the buyer is entitled to refund or replacement. If returned item is found to be in proper working order as listed, or contrary to what the buyer described, return freight and re-stocking fees will be charged to the buyer. We Occasionally get discounts on shipments through. If we note the cost of the shipment you sent back is greater than what it would cost us to ship it, we will be able to refund any difference over a dollar via Paypal. Shipping: Shipping method is based off of weight and dimensions of any given package and will be shipped through either USPS, UPS and UPS Surepost. Standard rates are stated in the listing. Flat rates do not apply to AK and HI; please email for shipping estimate before purchase. Tracking information will be provided through eBay upon shipment. Damaged Items: If item does arrive damaged please provide accurate description and or photos of all damaged goods at the side of a phone number within 7 days. I ill file a UPS claim for the item. At the time UPS returns the item to me the buyer is entitled to refund or replacement. If returned item is found to be in proper working order as listed, or contrary to what the buyer described, return freight and re-stocking fees will be charged to the buyer.


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