Mackie d8b CF Drive Kit


Replace your aging D8B hard drive with a new removable CF drive! Everything you wish to have to stand up and running. If you use V3, the software is already on the CF (including SP3), so You’ll simply install the kit and you’re in business. If you’re the usage of V5.1, or you have saved sessions and authorized plugins you wish to have to keep. You’ll clone your current HD to the CF card, pop it in, and your system will run quieter, faster, and have the added feature of being able to easily remove the CF card and restore it, or just pop in a backup. Kit is easy to install and includes: 1- removable CF card adapter (installs in an empty pci slot on CPU), 1- 4G compact flash card (major brand may vary but will all the time have a lifetime warranty), 1- power cable for the CF adapter, 1 -USB CF reader for copying/transferring data to the CF card, 1- IDE to USB cable. D8B OS version 3×224 with service pack 3, is pre-installed and will work with any combination of properly working CPU and console. When you’ve got any UFX, It is important to re enter the authorization codes or copy your old plugins folder to the new CF drive. Or You’ll clone your current hard drive to the CF card and your system will be exactly as it was before the upgrade (all authorized plug ins and saved data/sessions will be there). If you use version 5.1 You’ll still use this kit, On the other hand It is important to clone your current D8B hard drive to the CF card in order for the OS authorization code to work. *****If you need V5.1 installed on the CF card, please indicate so in the message option whilst paying or message me. (It is important to enter your authorization code or transfer the RS422 folder from your old drive to the CF drive to get it out of demo mode. I will be able to assist you with that)……. Includes email toughen if needed for installation. All components are brand new. Each kit is tested before it is shipped. If you need a second/ backup CF card with the OS of your choice loaded for an extra twenty bucks please message me. DELUXE kit comes with a 4GB CF card (original d8bs came with a 540MB HD) and an IDE to USB cable so You’ll clone your existing HD without having to remove it from the CPU! *The cable is approx. 24″ long, so if you are not the usage of a laptop you may wish to use a USB extension cable to reach your desktop. Valuable D8B information. If you’re considering buying a used D8B console or CPU or a console with a CPU, and the seller claims that it has v5.1, ask for a screenshot of it working, and make sure they guarantee it is fully authorized. V5.1 will only work with the console that it was authorized on unless you have the actual authorization codes for that EXACT console. I see people selling CPUs that they claim have v5.1 installed. That can be true but it’s going to not work (other than in demo mode) with your console unless you have and enter the authorization code that is assigned to YOUR console. I also see numerous consoles being sold “works perfect, power supply not included”. Avoid these unless you wish to have it for parts because without the CPU there is not any way to test the functionality of the console. And there are LOTS of things that can cause the D8B not to boot, or operate erratically including software issues, sticky faders, corrupted hard drive, etc. So despite the fact that you get it for parts, many of them may not be working. Good news, any working console will work with any CPU when running v3. On the other hand, if the seller doesn’t post pics of the D8B in truth up and running (not just the booting or loading screen) then be prepared to spend so much more money, or ship it back if the seller claimed it is working. Of course you MIGHT get lucky and everything works. D8Bs are awesome consoles, when they are working. At a minimum I would suggest that any D8B owner who has a fully functioning D8B make an image of the CPU hard drive before problems occur. These types of hard drives are old (15-20 yrs) and could fail. If you make a drive image You’ll save your entire authorization codes before they are lost on a corrupted drive. At least explore the hard drive and write down the authorization codes. They may be able to be found on your D8B drive at: System5/Drivers/RS422/RS422.key for V5.1 and Plugins/”xxxx”/”xxxx”.key substituting the name of the plugin for “xxxx” , IE: Pugins/DelayFactor/DelayFactor.key. Do this for each plugin you have authorized. Needless to say these codes will only work on 1 console, the one they were originally authorized for. You’ll’t just copy your codes and use them on another console. Once you lose the codes, you’re out of luck. Last I heard Mackie can’t even get them back. Better yet get a new ide hard drive, clone the old one to it, and then store the original one away (or display it in your studio). Just Needless to say the D8B can only deal with up to a 32gb drive. My kit includes everything you wish to have to image, clone, or backup your system, and has the added benefit of being on a removable solid state drive and has the software pre installed. As a matter of fact, When you’ve got your authorization code available, I will be able to pre install them before I ship it out. For about 20 bucks You’ll get another CF card and make a backup of your system that just plugs in if needed. Also Needless to say to replace the CPU motherboard battery. Dead battery can cause issues. Feel free to contact me with any D8B questions you have. I’m a D8B user and maintainer, not some pawn shop or estate seller. I made this CF kit to help D8B owners keep their consoles working. Infrequently I come across parts, which I thoroughly test before I list them.


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