Revive Audio Modified ADA8200 w/clock *HD MIXING BUNDLE*


That is an unbelievable bundle for someone who has been all for getting their mixes “out of the box.” Included is a Revive Audio modified BEHRINGER ADA8200 with a miniDSP USB Streamer 16-channel ADAT interface, two prime quality ADAT cables, and a DIYRE passive summing mixer with DSUB to xlr female breakout cable. The Behringer was once purchased new from Revive Audio two years ago with their full analog path modifications, and we liked it such a lot we sent it back to them for their high definition clock upgrade (the “Platinum modification”) last year. These guys do truly great work. This actual unit sounds clean and super detailed, and has a relatively more “clinical” sound than the modified ADA8000 because of a cleaner signal path within the Behringer design. The preamps are clear and revealing, and feature an absolutely discrete signal path. The miniDSP unit is a good way to interface with any ADAT device, and can also be set to fasten to Revive Audio’s prime quality clock. A couple of USB streamers can also be “aggregated” in Mac OSX if you wish to expand your set up. The DIYRE summing mixer features an absolutely passive resistor network to sum incoming signals, and attenuates the output by 40dB so you’ll be able to use a preamp of your option to “make up” the gain and add color or density for your mix, or to pass the signal although outboard gear. I’m selling a couple other prime quality modified preamps in case you are interested. Please message with any questions. I can settle for offers, but offers of $six hundred and below might be ignored. ADA8200 w/mods: $750 miniDSP streamer: $99 DIYRE summing mixer: $50 Breakout cable: $50 You’re going to save $150 in this bundle!


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