RME MULTIFACE II Hammerfall 96kHz A/D-D/A TRS MIDI SPDIF WC Headphones


Fellow audiophiles welcome!! I hope you are going to buy from me because I appreciate even the smallest of things under the sun, in all their heavenly glory. So as I try to list my items with a special touch of real world facts and budget advice, I hope You’ll profit from a few of these ideas and also feel protected in your purchase decision. This used to be strictly a backup in case my other Multiface II went down, which it never did!! Never even glitches. So this one essentially sat locked up in my climate controlled studio cabinet as an unused backup device, which we from time to time call…..anyone…anyone. RME interfaces just Work. Drivers are rock solid. That means no wasted time fiddling with drivers, less stress = more fun. Plus, the Multiface II and Digiface use the same driver so they are able to be interchanged or used at the same time. Also, the small form factor means that you can tuck it into tidy desk areas or literally anywhere there is room for a small book. That may be just one of the genius factors of the Hammerfall based system. You’ll’t go flawed with this MFII as the functionalities are endless. In the studio, despite the fact that you were to shop for it as a backup, you’ll find uses for it almost every day because the standalone mode is an incredibly useful feature. Plus, this interface can be utilized with a PC, a Mac, and some Laptops, with RME’s wide range of HDSP(e) cards (none included). I personally run a duo of the RME Digiface to tie in my ADAT A/D’s and mic pre’s, at the side of the RME Multiface II, which is the very best unit allowing 8 TRS inputs for line level instruments and anything coming from DI boxes, fx units, or mixers, then the 8 TRS outputs are ideal for routing to monitors or tracking systems, and the SPDIF can either tie into a home theatre receiver so You’ll hear what your music sounds like under normal situations, or You’ll tie it into SPDIF studio monitors (like the Roland CM-220 – perfect for keys and vdrums too) which I highly recommend for budget conscious buyers. In the end, the Multiface II can route 8 channels both ways over ADAT, in order that adds more interfacing options from mixers, audio interfaces, FX units, ADAT equipped workstations, or tracking systems (like the Behringer P16 Powerplay) which I also recommend for budget conscious buyers. Its now time for me to sell my backup system. I just sold my backup Digiface here on eBay, and now I’m selling my backup MFII. So if you need a deal on a mint Multiface II, this is the listing. I never had to use this one, so its essentially like a new unit without a box or manual. And manuals are on the web or I will be able to email it to you. I’ll pack it very protected, and throw in some pro grade ADAT cables to sweeten the deal. Features: 8 x 1/4″ TRS analog line I/O, 24-Bit/96kHz, SNR 111 dBA 1 x ADAT digital I/O 1 x SPDIF digital I/O 1 x Word clock I/O (BNC) 1 x MIDI I/O, 16 channels high-speed MIDI 1 x hi-power analog line/headphone output, separate output for independent submix Hardware level calculation: freely scalable level meters, peak and RMS calculation without CPU load DIGICheck, RMEs unique metering – and analyse tool TotalMix: 720 channel mixer with 40 bit internal resolution. MIDI remote controllable. S/MUX poured in hardware: 4 channels 24-Bit/96kHz for record and playback via ADAT optical … and a large number of other features found already in the Hammerfall series. And all this for an unbeatable price! The front panel hosts some useful status LEDs, like MIDI state, lock state of the digital inputs and error state of the host-bus. Additionally there is a high-quality 24-Bit/96kHz analog line output, also usable with headphones, and one MIDI I/O. The rear of the Multiface II shows unrivalled connectivity: 8 analog line I/Os on 1/4″ TRS jacks (balanced, 24-Bit/96kHz), ADAT optical I/O (switchable to SPDIF optical), SPDIF I/O coaxial, word clock I/O and MIDI I/O. Don’t settle for less! The headphone output offers high levels, even with low level headphones. Hence the headphone is direct, usable with ASIO Direct Monitoring. Digital I/Os: ADAT optical I/O provides eight more channels both directions. The coaxial SPDIF I/O is complete AES/EBU compatible. Thanks for having a look and good luck with your music. Buyer Requirements: • eBay buyers should have 10 + positive feedback with 0 negative feedback previously calendar year to meet eligibility to purchase. Non Compliant Buyers will be cancelled and reported. • Only Will Ship to Your Confirmed Delivery Address on Your Receipt. • NO PO Boxes • Continental USA Only


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