Seismic Audio 212 GUITAR SPEAKER CABINET EMPTY 12″ Cab – 2×12 Tolex


EBAY STORE PA SPEAKERS SUBWOOFERSRACK CASES FLOOR MONITORS SNAKE CABLES STANDS SPEAKER CABLES 212 GUITAR SPEAKER CABINET EMPTY 12″ Cab – 2×12 Tolex Availability: Order by 2:30 CST, Ship As of late! Product Code: Luke-2x12TR_BLWH Retail: $329.99 $179.99 DESCRIPTION Model Number: Luke-2x12TR Black Tolex Cover Wheat Color Cloth Grill 2×12″ Empty Guitar Speaker Cabinet Guitar Speakers aren’t included Birch Plywood Removable Grill for front speaker loading Grill pops on and off with ease Removable back panel for rear speaker loading Numerous wire to hook up the guitar speaker of your choice Black Metal Take care of on Every side Metal flush corners Dual 1/4″ connectors at the back Light Weight Cabinet 28.6 pounds LxWxH: 28.5″ x 12.25″ x 21.75″ Brand New One year warranty Our “Luke Series” Seismic Audio empty guitar cabinets are made of 1/2″ Birch plywood on all 6 sides.  These cabinets come loaded with the whole lot you wish to have excluding the speaker.  We are very happy with the Luke series cabinets.  These Every have a wheat grill of quite a lot of colors and are covered with a clean cut Tolex.  The Luke series cabinets may also be front loaded, as the front cloth grill is removable and easily reapplied.  One of the Luke series empty guitar cabinets cab be rear loaded as well.  Every cabinet comes with a dual 1/4″ metal jack plate and Numerous wire to hook up your speaker.  Every cabinet is well braced and offers a nice boutique look.  We now have three different models, an original look, brand new look, and vintage look. THE SEISMIC AUDIO ADVANTAGE FREE, SAME DAY SHIPPING 1 year warranty included 30 day money back guarantee Over 100,000 feedback score 100% satisfaction guarantee We stand at the back of our products. If making a decision within 30 days that something isn’t for you, send us an email. We can give an explanation for to you how to go back or exchange the article. When you received a damaged item, do not panic. Send us an email. We can file a claim on our end and have FedEx select up the damaged item. We can then issue you a refund or ship out a replacement in no time. When you have any warranty issues, send us an email. We stand at the back of our items and We can replace or fix your item within a year of the acquisition date. Newsletter Ask A Query View Feedback Add to Favorites © 2017, seismicaudio


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