Waves Digigrid DLI SoundGrid Expansion Interface


For sale is a gently used Waves DiGiGrid DLI interface with very low hours. I had this in a prior studio and once in a while used the networking functionality to get entry to a remote record room where we had our large mallet instruments but I not work in that studio. The DLI was once positioned within the remote room rig and was once hooked up to a Lynx Aurora, and I may just get entry to this IO over a single CAT5e cable over 100 feet away and in a special building. This box is made to interface with the Pro Tools eco system by the use of digilink connectors. You’ll also simply use it to run a digilink interface just like the Avid 192 and use any DAW. Superb condition. Includes power cable & original box. Thank you for having a look! From the manufacturer: “A super upgrade for Pro Tools hardware, the DiGiGrid DLI is a networking hub that bridges Pro Tools systems and SoundGrid. With two DigiLink ports delivering as much as 64 inputs and outputs, the DLI permits you to get more out of your existing setup. DLI works in one in every of two modes, I/O and SGP: In I/O mode, the DLI bridges Pro Tools systems with SoundGrid I/Os and DSP servers. On this mode, the HD/HDX or HD Native system continues to be your playback engine, even as the DLI appears as individual I/O units from which You’ll expand your studio by connecting additional SoundGrid I/Os and by offloading your plugin processing to additional SoundGrid servers.In SGP mode, the DLI allows you to keep watch over a lot of DigiLink-enabled I/Os, bridge your favorite DAW (Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Ableton, Pro Tools Native, and the like.) with SoundGrid applications and ASIO/Core Audio drivers, and offload your plugin processing to a SoundGrid server. In both modes, You’ll connect additional SoundGrid-compatible components in your system the use of a single Cat 5e or Cat 6 Ethernet cable.”


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