Yamaha S115V Club Series V Regular 888365478401


LOCAL PICK UP OR DELIVERY ONLY IN NYC TRI-STATE AREA, TOO HEAVY TO SHIP THIS SPEAKER WORKS GREAT AND IN GREAT CONDITION THESE HAVE BEEN LIGHTLY USED FOR BAND REHEARSALS AT RELATIVELY LOW VOLUMES AT MY PERSONAL HOME STUDIONEVER GIGGED ON, NEVER ABUSED BY A DJ, KIDS, ETC… Yamaha S115V: A Serious 15″ Woofer in a Heavy-Duty EnclosureYamaha’s popular Club-series PA speakers are known for delivering pro-quality sound at an inexpensive price. Yamaha continues to refine their design with the fifth-generation Club V. Perfect for gigging bands, DJs, and houses of worship, the S115V loudspeaker combines rugged construction and advanced electronics to get your sound out to the crowd. Improved Woofer DesignBetter bass response in the new design adds depth to the music and improves your groove. For the S115V, Yamaha and Eminence Speaker Corporation developed a new 15-inch woofer, bringing a bigger boom to your bottom-end. Oversized magnets offer increased power handling and longer life, and the beefy, oxygen-free copper voice-coil reproduces wealthy, tight lows all of the way down to 55Hz. The extra energy in this frequency range will assist your audience feel the beat and connect with your sound. While you see the crowd respond to your music, it is going to push you to an entire new level in your performance. That is what turns an average gig into a in point of fact memorable experience. Large Titanium TweeterWhile you will need to firmly establish the groove at a live concert, high-frequency reproduction can make or break your set. If vocals or guitars sound harsh or tinny, even the funkiest bass line can fall flat. This loudspeaker system uses a pure titanium tweeter for natural, transparent highs up to 16kHz in any musical style. Wailing metal riffs and earthy roots chords come through with equal accuracy. The two-inch dome compression driver, a few of the largest in its class, floats vocal melodies and guitar solos out across the room with shimmering clarity. Your mix will have texture and detailed dynamics across all of the frequency spectrum. There is not any wish to work around the limitations of your PA system; these speakers are fully capable of delivering your whole music, just as you intend it to sound. Custom-Engineered HornHave you ever had two people come up to you at the same show with two totally different impressions of your sound? It should have to do with where they were standing. The girl in the center of the room may think the whole thing is great, at the same time as the guy back by the bar says the guitars are too muddy or the vocals sound muffled. The S115V’s tweeter is coupled with a custom-engineered horn to disperse upper frequencies during all of the room. The 90 x 45-degree pattern provides a wide stereo image for an improved listening area. No more dead spots or prime locations; all of your fans get to enjoy the same great mix. Advanced ElectronicsBullet-proof crossover circuitry further rounds out the sound. Oversized coils, professional-grade power resistors, and high-voltage capacitors create a smooth midrange balance across the woofer and tweeter, even at high volumes. With 500 Watts of program power and 1000-Watt peaks, You’ll play any venue without pushing your loudspeakers past their limits. Indoors or outdoors, you can get the same great results. Two pro-quality Speakon connectors and two 1/4-inch jacks per cabinet allow for versatile connection options and daisy-chaining of more than one enclosures. You’ll add S115V’s to any power amplifier or powered-mixer setup with ease. Rock-Solid ConstructionDurability and long life are a big a part of the Club V loudspeaker design. The S115V is inexpensive, but it is not cheap. The cabinets are manufactured in america, then hand-assembled by skilled craftsman, discarding any defects. High-quality, void-free particleboard is used in cabinet construction. This material, produced from southern yellow pine, is strong, lightweight, and environmentally friendly. Its rigidity reduces internal vibrations, preventing unwanted distortion as the sound exits the cabinet. Durable carpet covers the wood, and the corners are safe by steel caps. Heavy-duty handles and a steel pole socket further ensure many years of reliable use. Working musicians depend on their PA systems to deliver their music, gig after gig. In many cases, the show can’t go on without the PA. Club V speakers will at all times have the ability to rock when you’re.


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